The 4th of July is a wonderful holiday where we have the chance to celebrate our patriotic pride amongst friends and family. Every year, we gather up our grills, games, American themed toys, and don our red, white, and blue clothing as we enjoy meals, company, conversation, and a well deserved day off. There’s nothing quite as American as a burger, potato or macaroni salad, and fireworks at night. Considering the 4th of July happens right in the middle of summer, we know it’s going to be hot and some might reach for a beer as the perfect accompaniment to all of the food and a great way to cool off.

It’s very easy to keep grabbing beers, wine, or perhaps a mint julep if you’re feeling fancy, to cool down during the barbecue before the big fireworks show. Think of all the times you might go grab another from the cooler and add them up: getting warm behind the grill; breaking a sweat playing whiffle ball, something to wash down the snacks and your meal; the list goes on. Trouble is, once all those drinks have added up, if you aren’t the host and can go to your bedroom afterward and lie down, or you don’t have a ride, taxi, or Uber set to take you home, any worthwhile Mississippi DUI lawyer will tell you the chances of a DUI spike, especially on the 4th of July.

State troopers, as in 2018 and other years past, will have the full force out on the roads across the state as it is one of the largest travel holidays of the year. There will be checkpoints to catch any drivers operating vehicles above the legal limit – .08% ABV for regular drivers and .04% for commercial/CDL drivers – ready to charge DUIs to any offenders. Unfortunately, there will be people who believe they are fine to drive and will find out the hard way that no, in fact, they were not. Do not be one of those people; before you reach for one more drink before you leave, think that it may be that one that tips you over the legal ABV and lands you in jail for the night calling for your spouse, or friend, to bail you out before starting the arduous journey of defending a DUI charge.

Fortunately, Mississippi does not have a social host liability law, meaning that if you are the host, you cannot be charged with damages if a guest of your party drives above the ABV legal limit; however, as your guest and likely a friend, you should make sure they are safe. Nothing will end the party and day of celebration faster than seeing police lights behind you, or being asked to step out of your vehicle. Be aware of the increased opportunities to be pulled over and limit alcohol consumption accordingly to protect yourself and anyone in the car with you. If the unfortunate happens and you, or a loved one, are charged with a DUI, or worse yet end up in an accident, contact the Mississippi DUI lawyers at Braddock Law Firm to assist you through the legal battle to potentially reduce, or dismiss, the charges. Contact us today to discuss your options.