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Legal aid for sporting and entertainment matters

Whether you’re a burgeoning young musician or a talented athlete training for your big break to the majors, sound legal counsel is a valuable tool to ensure that your contracts and deals are fair and that you’re getting the compensation you’re entitled to through your work. Braddock Law Firm, PLLC has over 20 years’ legal practice experience in matters related to entertainment and sports and will fight tenaciously for your rights!

Navigate complex contracts and deals

Braddock Law Firm, PLLC has represented both coaches and athletes (including boxers, football players, and basketball players) to ensure fair treatment during contract negotiations and proper compensation from those agreements. Law runs in the family at Braddock Law Firm, PLLC – Attorney Braddock’s father was himself an attorney and judge!

Aspiring artist? Don’t sign a deal without legal help!

As an up-and-coming musician or author, you might be long on talent but short on cash. If that’s the case, enlist an attorney who’ll leverage over 20 years’ experience to ensure that your contract negotiations are equitable and that you’re earning everything you’re entitled to from an agreement. Contact us today for details on our legal services!

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