When drivers attend driving school, they learn all the rules of the road so that we avoid driving up our insurance costs and injuring or potentially killing other drivers and pedestrians. Despite the risks of injuring another person, both civilian and commercial drivers seem to forget the education they received to earn their driver’s license and make common mistakes that lead to devastating accidents, particularly in intersections. If you’ve been in an accident in an intersection, you need a Hattiesburg car accident attorney to defend your right and earn the compensation you’re entitled to.

When you boil it down, all car accidents in intersections are a result of driver negligence, particularly carelessness and ignorance. The main causes of an intersection car accident are:

Improper turning: When a car or truck takes a turn too quickly or aggressively without checking for opposite traffic, they will strike another vehicle, or a pedestrian in the crosswalk, almost every time. These types of accidents are often defined as T-bone accidents.

Speeding: When a vehicle is speeding and the light turns yellow, they believe they don’t have ample time or space to slow down and will continue on – trouble is, when they do this, the light often changes to red for them and green for others, meaning that perpendicular traffic has the legal right of way to go, but due to their speed, the speeding vehicle will crash into them at high velocity and impart serious damage.

Failure to yield/stop: When drivers become distracted, they miss clearly posted and obvious signs/signals alerting them to slow down or stop. When drivers fail to yield or stop, they greatly increase their odds of colliding with another vehicle and injuring the driver or passenger(s).

A moment of negligence on the part of a driver can mean a lifetime of pain and suffering for a victim; all drivers have an obligation to pay attention and adhere to the rules of the road – or at a minimum, common sense – to avoid injuring any other driver or pedestrians. When any of us get distracted or overestimate our time/speed, terrible consequences are sure to follow.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in an intersection, or anywhere on the roads or highways, call our offices to speak with a Hattiesburg car accident attorney to discuss the details of your case and learn how to protect your rights and about the financial compensation you may be entitled to collect.