If you have been pulled over and arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Mississippi, or anywhere for that matter, you will face a number of major changes to your overall routine and daily life. DUI and DWI charges need to be taken seriously, and similarly, the pullover and arrest needs to have followed proper protocols in order to ensure that your rights were not violated. The system needs to work for everyone, and that goes for both sides.

When you consult with an attorney, you will be able to learn more about the various strategies available to help build your case. Below you will find a few of these strategies in order for you to understand how we can help make the legal system function properly for all parties involved.

What Classifies as a DUI & DWI in Mississippi

A DUI & DWI charge refers to surpassing a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08%. For minors, the BAC is 0.02%. Fines and penalties will vary depending on the circumstances of your case, but they will involve license suspension, fines, incarceration, restrictions and limitations on certain activities, and so on.

If you are caught while under the influence of other illicit substances, or drugs, there are other types of sobriety tests that can be carried out to determine your level of intoxication.

Why a Defense Lawyer is Crucial for DUI & DWI Cases

When you speak with a DUI attorney, they will help make sure that your arrest and charge were made within the proper context of the law. The lawyer will employ various strategies to ensure that your rights were not violated in any way.

Examining the Circumstances of Your Pull Over and Arrest

The team at our law firm will look over the arrest record and any other evidence that may give us a better understanding of the events surrounding your arrest. This will help in fashioning a sound defense. The officer needs to have a just reason for pulling you over and must abide by regular procedure for such actions. If he or she does not, this could be crucial to your defense strategy.

Looking at the Sobriety Testing Process

Sometimes the field test and other testing processes that are used to determine sobriety and BAC are not properly administered. There have been cases in the past in various states where breathalyzers and even blood test machines were improperly calibrated and led to false charges. These situations need to be taken into account so that everyone gets a fair shake from the law.

Other Defense Strategies to Consider

In addition to the above, we will examine other factors that may have played into the initial traffic stop, the sobriety test portion of the stop, and even the method of incarceration. There may be malfeasance, mistreatment, and other actions that run counter to the laws that need to be noted. By taking a comprehensive overview of the entire process, we can develop the best defense strategy possible.

Learn More About DUI & DWI Defense Law

For more information about DUI & DWI cases and what our legal team can do for you and your loved ones in such matters, be sure to contact our Hattiesburg, Mississippi personal injury lawyers today. The entire team at Braddock Law looks forward to meeting you in person and to helping you achieve justice in the court of law.